How does Beautiful Korea (BK) filler works?

BK (Ammi) filler has a solid network molecular structure comprised of ultra-fine particles. This makes it particularly strong and the effects are of long duration. Innovative technology also makes it possible to produce extremely small molecules that can penetrate the skin easily without causing undue discomfort. The fluid nature of Ammi causes minimal discomfort during the administration of the product by a doctor. The product is versatile because it can be used on any part of the face. Ammi delivers more hydration than other products.

What should the customer first consider to choose a good filler?

World class good fillers are different from others because their quality and safety are guaranteed by reliable authorities. The minimum qualification customers should first confirm is whether the filler has got such certificates as GMP, (Korea)FDA, CE.

What is the advantage of BK filler?

The answer is Cost Effectiveness. BK filler is world-class but the prices are competitive. As a new comer, BK will keep competitive price policy by the time they get reputation. For the last a little more than one year, BK fillers have penetrated the market with incredible speed without any complaints on quality. Once used, customers keep buying.