A company at the cutting edge of rejuvenation treatments. We are confident of a bright future in this innovative field.

Our CI drives home our resolution to challenge the market rather than accepting a status quo.
We are getting ready for a quantum leap.
We intend to change our company from being a small company with potential to becoming a world-wide supplier of rejuvenation products.

The superimposed images symbolize the commitment of BK to harness science, technology and innovation in order to enhance, protect and preserve natural beauty.

The logo has various shades of turquoise which represent the choice that we offer our clients.

The wide range of products can deliver targeted actions. The results range from subtle and hardly visible to a marked improvement.

The client is given the choice and the result will depend on the strength of the product chosen.

Beautiful Korea was launched in February 2016, after years of planning and market research. BK is proud to announce that it has acquired the KFDA licences which are notoriously difficult to obtain after a relatively short period of time. We have licences to manufacture fillers and cosmetics both for domestic sales as well as exports.

We acquired CE markings for our Ammi fillers. We started to export our products from June 2016.

We are determined to consistently build upon our good reputation based on our excellent products. We have launched high-quality products under our own brand names, such as Ammi, Areum, HERMOSA, B-filler, and Arielle.

We are confident that the company will grow steadily in the future because the products we are offering are outstanding, innovative and reliable.

At BK we conduct pioneering research into the use of HA for skin rejuvenation. We also research in the the production of related medical devices such as ultra thin needles, multi needles and injecting machines.

We invest heavily in research and development for new time capture components such as protein and enzymes.

Our vision is to become the leaders in the health and beauty bio-chemical industry in the near future . Speed is of the essence.

BK is able to produce specific products to fill the customers’ requirements at short notice.
If you need a certain product for a niche market please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will deliver in record time.